Dental Office Solutions

IT Solutions for Dentists

Supporting dental practices throughout the Richmond, Virginia area for over 10 years, REPLYNETWORK brings significant experience in installing, configuring and supporting technology in your dental practice.

Existing Dental Practices

Your entire office will be evaluated, not just the technology within it. The way you and your staff practice dentistry will be taken into account, as well as the space and how you work within it.  By appraising your existing technology, a path can be created that will lead to your successful reality. REPLYNETWORK will provide objective facilitation of technology integration within your office.

Implementations and Upgrades

As a Dell partner, you will be provided with quality, business-grade Dell Computer systems and peripherals optimized for use in a dental office, along with their comprehensive product warranties.  And, we have access to other top quality hardware and software in the marketplace from our multiple manufacturer and distributor relationships.

Proactive Maintenance & Monthly Support

Just as it is important to floss and brush every day, it is equally important to consistently maintain your overall computer network infrastructure in order to ensure best performance. On a routine basis, we can take appropriate measures to ensure that your systems and applications are maintained to provide you with maximum up time. Your systems will be monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  That way, we can identify a warning before it becomes a failure. REPLYNETWORK can also provide cloud backup assurance for critical data.

Diagnose and Repair

With technology, just as in life, things can and do go awry. REPLYNETWORK will always be available to assist in times of need. The first step involves isolating your issue by diagnosing the symptoms and its impact on your practice.  The necessary steps will be taken to dispatch the appropriate resources and resolve the issue in an effective, efficient manner.

Remote Support

Sometimes you may encounter a problem or have a need that we can address remotely, either by assisting you over the phone or connecting to the system(s) in question from another location, without being onsite. The benefit of remote support is that we can assist much more quickly and can therefore lessen the impact on your overall practice.


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